The Right Kitchen Supplies

Great cooking starts with the right kitchen supplies. Restaurant supplies include everything used to prepare, cook, heat and store the food. It includes ovens, fryers to cook your food to merchandizing refrigeration equipment. Restaurant supplies also include cooking equipment and ranges to microwaves and combination ovens. Food holding and warming equipment, including steam tables, drawer warmers, and banquet carts are also included as restaurant supplies. Restaurant supplies include everything from back storage room to restaurant kitchen to the display area of the restaurant, Having the right restaurant cooking equipment and supplies help make your food prep more efficient.

Restaurant supplies include:

Table top supplies: Here are a few tabletop supplies every restaurant need centerpieces, utensils, plates, napkin holders, platters, mugs, bowls, condiment dispensers, decanters, menu holders, cups, glasses, and more.

Cooking appliances: Kitchen supplies include stovetop ranges, electric and gas fryer units, griddles, grills, steamers, toasters, rotisseries, microwaves, and more. Ovens which might include one or more of electric and gas ovens, storage ovens, warmers, convection ovens, cook ovens, and rack ovens.

Things tat are needed in a chef’s kitchen:

Buffet food display equipment are also apart of restaurant equipment supplies. Sneeze guards, platters, napkin dispensers, serving bowls, beverage dispensers, food covers, chafing dishes, catering dishes, and more.

Refrigerators: everything you need to keep food cool, refrigerated display cases, ice merchandisers, and freezers.

Appliances for dishwashing: Washers for utensils, pots, and pans, conveyer belt blower dryers are also included as restaurant kitchen equipment.

Sinks: stainless steel sinks built tough for heavy use in restaurants.
ovens, and rack ovens.

Things that are needed in a chef’s kitchen: It include a Chef’s knife, Utility Knife, slicer and a Parer. Chef’s knife is essential for chopping one thing chef reaches out for during cooking. This multi tool is essential for chopping, mincing, cutting meats, disjointing large cuts, julienning and dicing.
Small chopping, peeling vegetables is done by utility knife, Slicer is used mainly for meat and poultry carving, and for slicing vegetables, fruits, and sandwiches.
Parer is a small knife used for deveining shrimp, cutting garnishes and de seeding.

Bamboo cutting board: Every chef need a cutting board that is sturdy and can withstand years of abuse. Bamboo is dense enough to withstand scarring while cutting and has natural resistance to water as a result bacteria is less likely to build on the cutting board.

A Blender:
A professional blender is built to last long as they are made with best materials and not some plastic and many recipes can be prepared with little effort.

Cook ware: All chef’s need cookware that is made to last. Mix and match cook ware from different makers is what chef needs because different dishes need different kind of pots.
Chef’s are multitaskers and need top quality range or cook tops which can take several pots and pans. A Convection oven uses fans t circulate hot air inside the Oven which speeds up cooking evenly all through out at less temperatures.

Here are few website for buying kitchen equipment:, and are some of the websites.